Our competencies

We‘ll give order to any amount of data

Our home is a wild landscape of disorganised data. We have been part of it for many years, we cultivate it, repeatedly and excitedly set off where others run away. We can also tame your digital documents in a way that they become as attractive as possible for your web audience. We are efficient and we know how to do it.

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Proud media mentions

History interlaced by Big Data

We really enjoy Big data. For a long time now.

We are an experienced and stable team of experts who have been dealing with big data in detail for more than a quarter of a century.

During the past millennium, AION has become an encyclopaedic power. We became widely known by digitising Otto’s educational dictionaries and later other historical encyclopaedias. The period in which encyclopaedias played a key role resulted in long-term cooperation with the Euromedia publishing house and in an intensive work on many encyclopaedic publications of the Universum series.

We decided to make a fundamental change in the direction of our company soon after we understood the ingenious and currently very difficult to overcome contribution of Wikipedia.

We have therefore made extensive use of the experience gained in the field of digital law and legal information systems. First in Slovakia in collaboration with the Poradca podnikateľa publishing house, later also in the country with the Laws for people service.

So far the last important milestone is the cooperation with the Publications Office of the European Union. We were chosen as a contractor for contracts AO 10708 Indexing and legal analysis of EU documents. Hundreds of documents published on the EUR-Lex portal, the information systems of the European Parliament and the Court of Justice of the European Union are now being passed through our hand on daily basis. We create their metadata and connect them to each other through a network of various relevant contexts. Without exaggeration, it could be said that the target group of our service is currently almost half a billion people – the citizens of the European Union.


Otto’s Encyclopaedia

The digitisation of a 1.8 meter stack of books of the legendary encyclopaedia was a unique achievement at the time. It brought us to the public consciousness.


EPI.SK family of portals

The extensive legal information system has a number of other web derivatives. It currently indicates a trend among professionally focused portals on the Slovak market.


Publications Office of the EU

We analyze more than 25 thousand documents in the registers of EUR-Lex, the EP and the Court of Justice every year, we create their metadata which makes them accessible.


The Universum encyclopaedia

We processed hundreds of thousands of entries for the modern Czech encyclopaedia Universum in a number of book and digital forms for the Euromedia publishing house.


Laws for people

Our proud flagship. A constantly improving service which in 2020 displayed to two million of you more than 25 million legal acts.

The course of our future cooperation

We won’t leave anything to chance

Every project, regardless of its significance or scope, offers, together with its assignment, a way  to grasp it correctly and effectively. We are successful in this with a consistent approach within four basic phases of solving the task.

How we operate
The entry analysis

First of all, we will discuss the „big picture“ of the result together – is the product going to serve  you or your clients directly? The final output of the joint analysis of requirements , ideas and possibilities is a document containing terms and calculations, understandable even to educated laymen. Sustainability of projects is often the difficult part and that’s why we emphasize it from the very beginning.

Atomic model

The next step is a confrontation of the entry analysis with real operation. During this test, we will build a model above your data that will shed light on the fulfilment of requirements better than paper. We use our own proven product – the ATOM web database. Thanks to ATOM, which will then remain available to you in the role of a „content management system“, you will always have a detailed overview of the situation.

Design and functionality

The atomic model will reveal both to you and to us all the necessary steps, ie. the basis for programmers and the design of user interfaces. Then we start to build and implement everything we need. In the cloud or in your infrastructure. At the same time, we make sure that you are always in the picture and that no unnecessary hitch appears in our cooperation.

Deployment and innovations

Our customer always has the opportunity to participate in the entire process from the first prototype steps to the final version. We will launch the final product in such way that it is the most economically and procedurally advantageous for you. In the maximum variant we can take care of everything on an on-going basis. The sharp effort then usually indicates the further development of our cooperation.

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