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We enjoy doing big things

It has all begun a quarter of a century ago with digitisation of Otto’s educational dictionary – 80 kg of books compressed into 12 gram disc. The result was beyond our expectations and we haven’t stopped since then. We restrain information, we give it order. We structure large monsters of data and we provide them through user-friendly tools. Companies, legal experts, legislators, the general public. Millions of people from the Czech republic and abroad use one of our services every month.

EPI.SK family of portals

Poradca Podnikateľa (The Entrepreneur’s Adviser) is one of the leading publishing houses in the field of economics, law in Slovakia. Its founders entrusted us with the re-birth of their family silver – their portal EPI.SK more than 15 years ago. Since then, we launched the third version of a comprehensive web compendium of key legal and economic information. Thanks to efforts both of ours and of colleagues in Slovakia, the EPI. SK website has gradually outgrown the parameters of a mere information system and has become an effective and widely sought-after working tool for legal professionals.

An important role is played by specialised portal derivatives, such as the Tax Center (Daňové centrum), the Payroll Center (Mzdové centrum), the Education Center (Vzdelávacie centrum), the Public Administration (Verejná správa) and others.


Laws for people

The Laws for People service began to arise at the beginning of the past decade. The most visited legal portal in the Czech Republic provides the public with all regulations of the Collection of Laws in the current wording accompanied by a lot of useful context such as judacial decisions or unique information on the legislation processes in the Czech republic. Basically, free of charge but also as the paid above-standard service Laws for People PLUS with a set of smart tools and functions for legal professionals. The main and most valued advantage of the portal Laws for people is clarity, speed and user friendliness.

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EUR-Lex, European Parliament, Court of Justice of the EU

Any person who searches for legal information in EUR-Lex system, searches according to the keys set by AION’S programmers and on the basis of the data sorted by its lawyers.

This means that we are currently analysing and creating metadata for tens of thousands of documents from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Court of Justice of the European Union a year. These are then published on the public legal information portal EUR-Lex, which is available in 24 languages to literally billions of people. 

We value the trust of the Publications Office of the EU enormously and we do everything we can to meet the high demands.


ATOM web database

All AION projects are managed by the ATOM web database. It is our own in-house product developed and improved so it can meet the requirements for solving increasingly demanding tasks. The advantage of this system is that it is easily and quickly adaptable without major costs to various types of document and knowledge management projects.

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