We give laws to people.
To already two million of you.

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We build legal systems

We are specialists in building legal information systems with hundreds of thousands of documents.

Sometimes we only program, other times we also run the result. We are very experienced as the main and the only supplier. In case of sub-deliveries we succeeded where others lost their pace.

We enjoy adding value to things we understand.


We create tailored software

All good companies should have their own shop window. Ours is called Laws for people. Article after article was assembled and is being managed by a team of our programmers, lawyers and other experts.

Data and metadata, an ontology, web and mobile applications, analysis, effective process of production and data updating. In other words: our skills and tools can create first-rate information system out of your digital documents.


We can help you to be successful

We will happily share our experience in how to build a portal with million of visits which people will enjoy.

We will go through your wishes and data together and we will clarify which are worth providing to your viewers and how best to process them.

We can manage everything as a turnkey solution or we can provide only the parts most important to you.

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Laws for people

The Laws for people service provides current version of legal regulations. More than 2 million (interested) people a year view up to 25 million legal acts in here.

The databases of the service provide all regulations of the domestic Collection of Laws since 1945 and international treaties linked to judicature of our courts.

The portal offering which also includes a number of advanced tools and functions is used by both legal professionals and also those who only need to take a look at the wording of the selected law from time to time.


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Testimonials of our clients

I have been using Laws for people for 8 years. It has accompanied me since the beginning of my studies at the Faculty of Law, through work in the courts, in a law firm and during my academic career. It is an incredibly clear, practical and intuitively manageable tool which leaves all other competing tools far behind. I am especially excited about it’s note function.

John A. Gealfow John A. Gealfow
President of Nugis Finem association

Zá is not only a website, but also a very useful source of data. For a long time now, we have been obtaining the texts of selected regulations for our websites, Měš and via the API, and everything works flawlessly.

Marek Antoš Marek Antoš
CEO of Internet Info

I have used since I was a law student. I was impressed by the speed of access, simplicity of search and clarity of the portal. I currently work as a lawyer, often abroad, and I use the Laws for People on a daily basis. I have found that thanks to the tweaks of the Plus prepaid service, the site has adapted to my needs, so now it's actually my purely personal work tool. This includes all links and notes that I can share if needed.

Tomáš Havran Tomáš Havran
attorney, Jihlava